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Magic for Children!
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      If you are planning a birthday party, a school assembly, a summer camp function or a special holiday party, Mr Bob can create a show just for you!   Mr Bob draws on close to 40 years of magic tricks and selects the most age appropriate in order to make your party a HUGE sucess.
      The Just For Fun Magic Show is ideal for birthday parties, scout dinners, libraries or any type of family gatherings that call for good, clean, family friendly fun!
      For Schools  or Libraries  the magic shows are themed using topics that are relevant to children today, such as Strangers, Pool Safety, Making Good Food Choices or learning why Reading Is Fun.
      Whichever program you choose Mr Bob uses comedy magic, music and audience participation to hold the attention of the little ones and they absolutely love it because it is just downright FUN!
      Children NEED to be a part of the magic show. They need to laugh, clap, yell magic words and be totally involved. So all of the shows are highly interactive.  Everyone will be involved.
      Seeing ALL the children completely captivated, wiggling their fingers and saying the magic words will bring a huge smile to your face!
      Bob controls their energy and focuses it into having a great time!  Just wait until you see your children totally amazed and laughing hysterically!
      The children will be helpers for sure but the adults may also be recruited to be helpers providing much fun and gales of laughter from the both the children and the adults. Of course the adults can just sit back and enjoy the show if they prefer.

      ....and don't forget to see what other folks just like you have to say about the show.  Reviews are here!



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