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Birthday Party
Magic Show
Birthdays are all about fun and surprises. But more than this, they are about creating long and lasting memories for your children and guests!
You can be sure that your children and friends will  be  talking about your party for a long time when  you invite Mr Bob and his sidekick puppet Buford T Bunny to make your party magical!
The Birthday Magic Show starts as soon as Mr Bob arrives. The children are excited. Mr Bob is excited.   And often they talk with him as he sets his things for the show.
 This is an important part of the pre-show and once Mr Bob is sure they are comfortable with him he sends them off to play until he finishes doing his "secret stuff". 
When you are ready Mr Bob starts the music and the main show begins.  The show is jammed packed with amazing magic, music, puppets, fun and laughter!

The Guest of Honor

  They are the reason for the celebration and Mr Bob makes sure that THEY are the star of the show with a "special" birthday trick for their special day!

Even  shy children feel comfortable with Mr Bob and will become part of the magic show.
Even though the show is for the children the fun is so contagious, that believe it or not.....even the grown ups enjoy the show! And if you like, Mr Bob can make Mom and Dad part of the show too!

 Either way Mr Bob will tickle your funny bone, mesmerize the kiddies and also help your party run super smoothly!
Wide Age Range of Children?
Most birthday parties have siblings, cousins, friends and family that are all different ages. If you have more than one child you know that they like different things at different ages. You just can't treat them all the same...or your party will be a flop.

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Birthday party at school
If your party has a large range in ages the show will be structured with that in mind.

You don't have to worry that some of the children are left out because the magic show is not geared for them.

 You have three great packages  jam packed with Magic, music, laughter and fun to choose from!
The Bronze package includes the hilarious 45 minute comedy magic show with Buford T. Bunny and balloons for the birthday child 
The Silver package includes all of the above PLUS balloons for ALL the children and a magical photo-op for all. And your kids will absolutely love this.....


If you choose this package your kids will get a chance to have their picture taken as a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat!  It doesn't get any cooler than that! 

And finally for those who want the best.... the Gold package includes all of the above plus Mr Bob's Easy Magic Set for the Birthday Child. This set has 9 easy to do magic tricks and a booklet of over 50 more tricks your child can do.

 The Gold Package also includes a combination Magic Coloring Book-Secrets of Magic book for ALL the children.
.....there is no obligation
Other Stuff .... because the adults get so "caught up" in the fun of the show many times they can miss getting the best pictures.  I make sure that doesn't happen.  I have what is called the "DIRECTOR'S CUT" where I cue the parents to get their cameras ready.  And if you wish Mr Bob will set up a few shots after the magic show is over so you'll never miss getting that perfect picture!

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