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NEW for 2017
 Build A Better Me

Get Ready, Get Set, Read Show

Heroes Love Reading Show

Reading Harry Potter Magic Show

The Now You Know Safety Show

The Just For Fun Magic Show

Build A Better Me

This fun filled magic show shows kids that the library has everything they need to know on how to build a better world.  That reading improves their self esteem, teaches them all about diverse peoples, helps them develop values which in the long run will help them build a better world....all through reading!

Get Ready, Get Set, Read Show

The race is on.... to the library that is!

Get Ready, Get Set, Read takes the children on a fun magical journey into the world of sports, overall fitness and good nutrition. 
The show includes mind blowing magic, music and lots of hilarious audience participation.  It leads the children to discover what it takes to be their very best in everything they do! 
And the best part is that Get Ready, Get Set, Read shows the children that it all starts right here at the library.

Heroes Love Reading Show  

is a fun filled musical magic show that gets children excited about reading. In a magically FUN way they can see and hear what makes a hero and how these larger than life people became known as heroes. Plus, they get to help make the magic happen as they learn how reading inspired heroes from an early age and that by reading books they can really bring out the hero in themselves.

The show was very entertaining. I liked how you described different books without giving away the ending. It was interesting how you were able to incorporate the magic with the different books.  I observed both children and adults laughing and enjoying the show. Engaging the audience kept the show interesting and very entertaining. Thank you. 
                                       Ruth K - Orange City

We really enjoyed the program.  It was more than I expected!
                                     Candie S - Lynn Haven 

  Reading Harry Potter Magic Show

 brings all the popular Harry Potter characters to life in a fun filled magical journey. The children visit the books and see pictures and newspapers come to life, find out how Harry got his Nimbus 2000 broom stick, watch the sorting hat make choices and much more. The children also get to show off their knowledge in a Harry Potter Quiz Show.


TheNow You Know
 Safety Show

is a comedy magic show geared for ages 3 and older.  It is perfect for day care facilities and elementary schools that may be looking to provide quality entertainment but like the program to have educational value.
This fun, interactive program lasts 45 minutes covering topics such as pool and water safety, what to do when meeting strangers, things to be careful of around the house and much more. 


The Just For
 Fun Magic Show 

is a mixture of really fun magic, music, comedy and story telling all aimed at a younger  audience.
Mr. Bob takes your children on a fastpaced roller coaster of a magical experience. One minute they are laughing and clapping and the next they are as quiet as mice as Mr. Bob weaves his magic spell telling of Kings and Queens, or of Pirates and buried treasure or Elves and Giants and far away castles. 
All of these things come to life just by wiggling your fingers and saying the magic words. And to the little ones this is REAL MAGIC.
The show is chock full of audience participation and is a laugh a minute!

...and the puppet's name is 
Buford T. Bunny  

All of the shows for the little ones  feature a devilish puppet, Buford T. Bunny, who tries to make Mr. Bob's life miserable every step of the way.

The teachers can really relate to Buford and he is guaranteed to bring tears of laughter to your eyes. Buford definitely is one of the highlights of the program.

 Awesome job! Can't wait to do it again!
                                                       - Kim R.
 You held the attention of ALL our children   (ages 2-5) but what is more important, the teachers were entertained as well!  Several made the comment that this was the best   show we've had and we've had some shows!
                                                         -Cindy B
I really appreciated the way you worked with our camp theme. The professionalism before and after the show was impressive, and I loved that you extended your show since the children were so entertained!   
                                                                                                     -Susie M
The show was enjoyed by everyone young and old alike. Very professional.
                                                        -Linda H

There are no minimum or maximum number of students required.  The program can easily be staged in a cafetorium or great room.  The program comes complete with all required props, tables, and sound equipment.  All that you provide are the students!

Fun To Read
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